“The File Server is down”


This means the Aloha BOH computer (File Server) is down and not communicating with the server stations (FOH Terminals). To resolve this so the FOH terminals can still operate, please do the following:


  1. 1.You approach the server stations and see the message: “The file server is down.”
    1. a.If the FOH terminals freeze because of lost connectivity with the file server, do not turn off or restart the terminals. Although it is not harmful, it delays recovery.
  2. 2.Find the Master terminal to see a message that displays a 'Make File Server' button.
  3. 3.Touch this button, and a keypad appears along with two numbers at the bottom of the screen. Add the two numbers together, enter the sum on the keypad, and touch OK. The sum acts as a password. For example, if the numbers 123 and 456 appear at the bottom of the screen, the password is 579.
    1. a.Now the Master Terminal is acting as the File Server.
    2. b.Now all information is being saved here instead of on the office computer where it belongs.
    3. c.Any transactions over $200 that require credit card payment needs to be split into multiple checks so each check is under $200 or it will not process.


When the Aloha BOH computer goes down, your Aloha Guest Manager computer(s) will also go down. It is important to always print the reservations for the day/evening as part of opening procedure for this reason.


End of Day management functions will be able to be completed until back office File Server is recovered.




Handling Gift Cards when the File Server is down:


When the Aloha BOH computer is down, Gift Cards cannot be redeemed electronically. When this happens, please follow these procedures:

  1. 1.Should a guest provide a Gift Card for payment, accept the card.
  2. 2.Go to the Aloha Enterprise website and verify the amount available on the card is enough to cover the guest’s charges.
  3. 3.If there are sufficient funds available, pay the guests tab to cash.
  4. 4.Should the guest also want to leave a tip for the server/bartender with the same gift card, pay the tip to Comp GC3F.
  5. 5.Record the transaction (Gift Card Transaction Log provided) making sure to record the gift card number and the amount of the charge including the amounts charged to cash and to Comp GC3F. Save the receipt for future reference.
  6. 6.If your system recovers prior to End of Day being performed on Aloha, you should:
    1. a.Reopen all checks affected.
    2. b.Delete all payments on these checks made to cash and Comp GC3F.
    3. c.Pay all affected checks to Gift Cards by manually entering the gift card number.
    4. 7.If your system has not recovered before End of Day is performed, you will need to scan/ email the accounting department the Gift Card Transaction Log from the day before so your sales records and the guest’s gift card balances can be adjusted.


“The Master Terminal is down”


The Master Terminal is the server station (FOH Terminal) in charge of controlling all FOH Terminals. When it goes down, all terminals will freeze because they have lost connection with the Master terminal. You will get a message at each FOH terminal that says “The Master terminal is down, trying to recover.” This message will be there for 60 seconds as the Master tries to recover. If it does not recover, then another FOH terminal will be automatically elected as the Master. This will take approximately 15 more seconds and once it is up and running as the Master, everything will resume as normal except the previous Master will probably remain down.


  1. 1.If the FOH terminals freeze because of lost connectivity with the Master terminal, do not turn off or restart the terminals. Although it is not harmful, it delays recovery.
  2. 2.If you see that each terminal becomes a Master Terminal, then you have experienced a full network failure, which is usually because of a malfunctioning computer switch. If this happens, you need to make each terminal a File Server (see instructions above.)
  3. 3.In the event of a full network failure or two or more terminals are using different File Servers, it is important that employees are restricted to one terminal. All employees do not have to use the same terminal, but each employee must only use a single terminal until the system is restored. Failure to do so may result in inconsistent transactions. For example, if a table is started on 1, then go to another terminal to order an appetizer, the table will not show because the terminals are not communicating with each other.
  4. 4.As the network is restored, the terminals synchronize their data, and finally elect a single Master terminal and file server. Full recovery occurs when the Aloha File Server is recovered from the BOH.

Note: End of Day management functions will not be able to be completed until back office File Server is recovered.



Anytime you have an event as described above, you should call Lynn Reimer immediately. 612-220-0702  If your system is up and running, you can wait until the next morning for Lynn to get back to you should he not answer your call. In the event your system is down and he does not call you back within 15 minutes, please contact Foremost Business Systems immediately.